Call for tenders and grants , Product code: LISTE_MARCH, published on 27-Mar-2006

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purchasing power standard R & D research and development SME Small and medium-sized enterprise TOP tropospheric ozone precursors UN United Nations Unctad United Nations conference on trade and development URBAN Community initiative concerning urban areas USPTO United States Patent

Statistical books/Pocketbooks , Product code: KS-76-06-276, published on 15-Dec-2006

, which may well be due to advantages associated with economies of scale. On the other hand, there are a number of service sectors where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at least as productive as their larger competitors. Chapter 4 50 50 years of the Treaty of Rome establishing the EEC (1

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-BD-06-002, published on 14-Jun-2006

(as an input for the construction for statistical taxonomies); to propose and implement a mechanism to facilitate re-use of existing enterprise information (mapping of different requirements) as far as SME accounting standards are close to adoption at EU level; and, finally, to implement in Eurostat the EU

Eurostat News , Product code: KS-BP-05-002, published on 18-Apr-2006

for entrepreneurship and for SMEs to start-up and grow by reducing the administrative burden on business; by increasing the effi ciency of the public sector; by simplifying the corporate tax system; and by improving the regulatory environment, notably entry and exit mechanisms. Improve t...

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Institute for small to Medium-sized enterprises). For both customers another size class classifi cation is used. Because EIM is especially interested in SME (small to me- dium-sized enterprises), the size class categories are a little different from that of Eurostat. The result is that the diff...