Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NJ-06-027, published on 29-Dec-2006

This Statistics in focus is the monthly publication of Harmonized Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP) for November 2006. It contains indices and rates of change for individual MSs, the EU, the EEA and the euro area.

For information: Eurostat launched in October 2006 a dedicated More... -->

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NN-06-024, published on 29-Dec-2006

This Statistics in Focus is part of a series of country-specific publications on the results of the Farm Structure Survey (FSS) 2005. It provides a brief but nevertheless comprehensive insight into the farm structure in Portugal. A similar publication was issued in August 2005 presenting the results...

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NZ-06-011, published on 27-Dec-2006

This Statistics in Focus describes the main trends in road freight transport up to 2005. The analysis focuses on the developments since 1999. The analysis is carried out for national, international, cross-trade and cabotage transport.

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NZ-06-013, published on 22-Dec-2006

This publication includes data on inland waterways freight transport in Europe for 2005, covering the Member States and the Candidate Countries. Data is shown by type of transport, by type of good and by type of vessel.

Eurostat News , Product code: F5-WGM-20061122, published on 22-Dec-2006

Luxembourg, 21-22 November 2006

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-028, published on 22-Dec-2006

This publication assesses the level of e-business use by European enterprises

News releases , Product code: 4-22122006-AP, published on 22-Dec-2006

The euro area industrial new orders index dropped by 0.6% in October 2006 compared to September 2006. The index fell by 1.4% in September and rose by 3.8% in August. EU25 new orders gained 0.2% in October 2006, after a decrease of 1.0% in September and an increase of 2.7% in August. Excluding ships,...

Statistical books/Pocketbooks , Product code: KS-DL-06-003, published on 22-Dec-2006

The Quarterly Panorama of European business statistics is a tool to follow the evolution of the short-term trends of the European economy in the industrial, construction, trade and other service sectors. The panorama is now a web-publication available also through a dedicated section on the Eurostat...

Eurostat News , Product code: LN-112006, published on 21-Dec-2006

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NZ-06-012, published on 21-Dec-2006

Short Sea Shipping, as covered by this publication, deals with the transport of goods between ports in the EU-25, Bulgaria, Romania and Norway, on the one hand, and ports situated in geographical Europe, on the Mediterranean and Black Seas on the other hand. Results are broken down by sea regions (A...

News releases , Product code: 2-21122006-AP, published on 21-Dec-2006

In 2005, EU25 external trade in services recorded a surplus of 56.9 billion euro, an increase compared to 47.6 bn in 2004 and 38.5 bn in 2003. This increased surplus was mainly due to a higher surplus in transportation (+18.4 bn in 2005 compared to +14.4 bn in 2004), and in "other services" (+54.3 b...