WPF Working area

The WPF working area contains links to drafts, lists and checklists, and similar documents to prepare for meetings, reports, deliverables for WPF Process and architecture.

Literature review template

The literature review template can be used by all ESSnet Big Data workpackages to provide WPK Methodology and quality with information on literature (papers, articles, ...) relevant for a particular workpackage. This will be used as input for the WPK literature overview deliverables (K2 and K12).

WP leaders are requested to distribute the link to the template within their workpackage, so participants can provide WPK with information on relevant literature, with a special emphasis on quality indicators for big data statistics (see also the WPF documentation overview page with referenced articles and papers!).

Download the template here, complete it and mail it to WPK (Alex Kowarik (alexander.kowarik@statistik.gv.at) and Jacek Maslankowski (j.maslankowski@stat.gov.pl)).

Backgound documents for Task 1

Principles (EARF doc: ESS Reference architecture)


Task 1 Draft Documents

BREAL Generic Information Architecture for Big Data (GIAB)

Application Architecture Description

Business functions and life cycle, version 3 (3 April 2019) (PDF.jpg PDF, 162 kB)

Business Function descriptions 0.3.docx

Business Principles 0.3.docx

WPF EssNetBDII Actors Reflexions.pdf

Task 2 Draft Documents



Other stuff