WP3: Development of common software tools

Coordinator: Istat

Start date:  September 2010
End date: December 2011
WP status: completed

Here you can find the final StatMatch vignette and the final RELAIS manual for preprocessing

WP description

WP3.1: software on record linkage

The goal is to improve Relais, the software fro record linkage, with pre-processing facilities and a new manual.

October 2010: Third project meeting presentation with the sub-task objectives and schedule

October 2011: zip file with final version of the software and manual

WP3.2: software on statistical matching

The goal is to improve the R package StatMatch, to write a vignette and upload the R ackage on the CRAN.

October 2010: Third project meeting  presentation with the WP3.2 sub-task objectives and schedule

May 2011: Here you can find the version 1.0.1 of StatMatch available for testing. Please, refer to Marcello D'Orazio (madorazi@istat.it) for any queries.
Characteristics of StatMatch 1.0.1:   

  • new functions harmonize.x() and comb.samples() to perform statistical matching when dealing with complex sample survey data via weight calibration.
  • new function Frechet.bounds.cat() to explore uncertainty when dealing with categorical variables. The function Fbwidths.by.x()  permits to       identify the subset of the common variables that perform better in reducing uncertainty
  • new function rankNND.hotdeck() to perform rank hot deck distance
  • update of RANDwNND.hotdeck() to use donor weight in selecting the donor
  • new function maximum.dist() that computes ddistances according to the L^Inf norm. A rank trasnformation of the variables can be used.

October 2011: zip file with the updated version of StatMatch and the vignette

November 2011: test on StatMatch