WP2 - Methodology for the assessment of the quality of frames for social statistics

Work Package 2: Quality measures and indicators of frames for social statistics

WP2 aims to produce a guideline that facilitates the measurement and reporting of frame quality for social statistics. This includes both the frame of persons and/or households, and the frame of address that yield access to persons and households. In addition, quality measures and associated methodology, which are beyond the scope of this work, will be identified for future possible work.

The final report presents the frame accuracy assessment framework developed in Work Package 2 (WP2) of Komuso (ESSnet on quality of multisource statistics) within the first Specific Grant Agreement, and illustrates its applications using real data in 6 countries.

The aim of WP2 was to develop a theoretical framework for the assessment of frame quality, where the frame is constructed based on multiple input sources. The purpose was to provide the methodological basis for a quality guideline to the frames for social statistics.

Download WP 2 final report.