WP1: State-of-the-art

Coordinator: INE

Start date (first phase):  January 2010
End date (first phase): June 2010

Start date (second phase): October 2011
End date (second phase): December 2011

WP status:  completed

Here you can find the final report

Main Objectives:
This WP aims at completing the state-of-the-art on record linkage, statistical matching and micro integration processing. The output consists of an updated reference containing sound methods.

Record linkage and statistical matching: the review should consider the latest methodological developments and applications in the year 2008-2011. The output will be a document that organizes these new findings, their optimal properties, their applicability in real cases, so that they can become available to the whole ESS. Furthermore, the impact of these methods on other methodological areas (with a special attention to statistical disclosure control, data editing and imputation, sampling and calibration) and applied settings (households and businesses) will be reviewed. Finally, comparison of concepts related to data integration with existing definitions and glossaries already available.

Micro integration processing: this topic will consist of these subtasks.

  1. Description of the concepts that are involved in micro-integration and of the differences with related fields such as macro-integration and editing and imputation. Micro integration processing formal definition
  2. A review of process steps and methods involved in micro-integration, illustrated by an application of the methods to the construction of a virtual census.
  3. Construction of a bibliography of references on the topic.
  4. A review of the methods of repeated weighting that is used to obtain consistent estimates of tables when these are estimated using different sources. This will include a discussion of estimating the variance of estimates obtained by this method.

Other WP1 deliverables: