We regularly organise workshops in our EMOS labelled universities. You  can find updated for upcoming workshops as well as information for past  workshops.


EMOS workshop 29 June 2021 

The seventh EMOS workshop gathered around 80 participants from 30 countries: statistical producers, teachers, graduates and students. In the era of fake news and endless data flows the role of statisticians as data producers decreases and their function as guardians of high quality and reliable data gains more importance. Their needed skill set is changing too. Read the full story here.


YouTube link first part (9:00-12:30)

YouTube link second part (14:00-15:00)


EMOS workshop in Ljubljana - March 2018

The 6th EMOS workshop took place in Ljubljana on 6 March 2018 with 70 participants from universities running EMOS labelled Master programmes, representatives from National Statistical Institutes, National Central Banks and other national statistical authorities from the EU Member States, EFTA and candidate countries.

Besides sharing experiences and presenting the next call for applications to broaden the EMOS network, the workshop also addressed other topics of high interest to EMOS stakeholders, namely teaching materials and research funding for the field of official statistics. More information here

EMOS Workshop in Lisbon - November 2016

The EMOS network met in Lisbon to share experiences and develop EMOS further. The event hosted by the NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), brought together 41 participants from 17 countries, representing 20 different universities, 10 National Statistical Institutes, including also representatives from two Central Banks and Eurostat. Topics focused from day-to-day issues to European dimension:

  • Course materials
  • Master theses and internships
  • Best practices in collaboration with NSIs and universities
  • Best practices in teaching
  • Audiovisual and online tools
  • EMOS European dimension

Everyone was able to participate in all sessions, thus encouraging discussion and interaction between the more experienced EMOS partners and those whose programmes received the EMOS label earlier this year. EMOS looks forward to its first graduates and new programmes getting started!

Want a taste of the workshop? Check the workshops conclusions here and photos here.

EMOS Workshop in Luxembourg - October 2015

The Workshop on the European Masters in Official Statistics was held in Luxembourg on 15 and 16 October 2015.

For the first time, the 11 universities offering EMOS labelled Master Programmes presented their success to a wider audience. Furthermore, the regulations for the 2nd EMOS Call for Applications (which will be published immediately after the Workshop) were presented by Eurostat.

'World Café' and 'Open Space' was the format for discussion on the both days of the Workshop, setting the scene for important issues surrounding the EMOS project to be addressed.

Universities with the EMOS label participated at this Workshop; other universities interested in EMOS and considering taking part in the 2nd EMOS Call for Application were welcome to attend.

Furthermore, the National Statistical Institutes from the European Member States, EFTA and candidate countries were invited, as well as representation from the Central Banks and other national statistical authorities.

EMOS Workshop Helsinki - June 2014

A Workshop on a European Masters in Official Statistics was organized by the Unversity of Helsinki on 26 - 27 June 2014. The workshop was intended to develop further the programme of study for a European Master in Official Statistics.

Participants were coming from Universities and National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) of the European Union member countries, candidate countries and other European countries.

For more information please check here.

EMOS Workshop Southamton - 2010

In 2010, we launched the EMOS Workshops. The first one took place at the University of Southampton. Aims of the workshop were:

  • To discuss interests of different stakeholders, define potential steps and action plan for the creation of European degree programmes in official statistics.
  • Build partnerships between European Academic Institutions and NSIs in the implementation of the "knowledge triangle" linking research, education and innovation as key elements for a knowledge-based society.
  • Ensure that European Academic Institutions have a pivoting role in interactions with NSIs through knowledge transfer, dissemination and direct partnerships for research.