Workshop on the Use of Registers in the Context of EU-SILC (Vienna, 5 December 2012)

Since the beginning, countries implementing EU-SILC are split between “register countries” and “survey countries”. With the further expansion of the use of registers in recent years, a workshop was organised as part of the first Net-SILC2 conference. The workshop focused on register-based measurement, quality assessments and methodological studies, and the likely consequences for cross-national comparability. The workshop included presentations from the “register countries” to illustrate the current state of affairs as well as, most importantly, to discuss possible problem areas and the ways these have been addressed in different register countries.

Further information on the workshop, including the workshop programme, can be found on the workshop website: http://www.statistik.at/web_en/about_us/events/eu_silc_conference_2012/workshop/index.html

A report entitled “The use of registers in the context of EU-SILC: challenges and opportunities” (edited by Markus JÄNTTI, Veli-Matti TÖRMÄLEHTO and Eric MARLIER; 2013) based on the workshop contributions is available from the Eurostat web-site: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/products-statistical-working-papers/-/KS-TC-13-004