Work Packages

Task 1: Elaborate a representative inventory of the particular needs and state of affairs in the member countries concerning SDC.
Deliverable: A report describing the SDC-state of affairs in Europe (inventory)

Task 2: Produce recommendations/Handbook on harmonized standards for micro-data and tabular data protection including disclosure risk assessment.
Deliverable: Draft recommendations handbook

Task 3: Make SDC Software tools operational to be used by production environments, both on micro data and tabular data from specific surveys.
Deliverable: List of futures and new versions of new versions of Tau-Argus and µ-Argus

Task 4: Develop communication activities and raise awareness on SDC in the ESS.
Deliverables: One course on SDC; one concluding conference and a web-site

Task 5: Establish a priority list of additional facilities and features to add to the software tools for statistical disclosure control on micro data and tabular data, considering especially usability aspects of different production and working environment.
Deliverable: List of topics for future research and development