Work packages

Task 1 - Dissemination of CENEX results

  1. Extending the handbook.
    The CENEX project produced a first version of an SDC handbook. It was foreseen that the final handbook would not be achieved within the one year project. The aim of this task will be to develop the handbook further to achieve a more final version.The work for this task will be divided into two sub-tasks.
    • Consultation of NSIs.
    • Improve the handbook with more examples and recommendations
      • Deliverables: Test reports by the testing countries after 4 months in year 1 and also after 4 months in year 2; An intermediate version of the handbook after year 1 and a final ESSNet version of the handbook at the end of year two.
  2. Follow up of the CENEX inventory
    • Adressing the needs of less experienced countries
      • Deliverable: A report of these activities will be produced in year 1
    • Tailored courses and follow up visits
      • Deliverables: SDC-courses one in each year. If needed SDC-trainees from countries will be received in our offices and two visits (one each year) by Istat will be made to promote the Italian risk approach.

Task 2 - Making SDC-tools better usable by NSIs

  1. Widening the scope of input and output data formats
    • Deliverables: Improved versions of µ-ARGUS and τ ARGUS with extended I/O facilities. New versions of the software are foreseen at the end of each year.
  2. Addressing problems concerning with the IT-infrastructure
    • Deliverables: Test reports and improvements to ARGUS
  3. Sustainability
    • Deliverable: Report in year 2

Task 3 - Output checking

  1. Guidelines
    • Deliverables: intermediate report after one year and a  final version at the end of the project.
  2. Automatic output checking
    • Deliverables: Interim report after year1 and final report at the end of year2 with a documented version of the software.

Task 4 - Communication; Web and FAQ

Communication of the results of the work of the ESSNet is essential. A website is an obvious tool for such communication. We foresee to integrate the CASC and CENEX websites and extend it with the results of the ESSNet. Maintaining different web-sites per project is not very useful.The new website will continue to be the platform for the dissemination of the ARGUS software and all the relevant reports produced on SDC.
Deliverables: Updates of the website

Task 5 - Improvement of software for micro data

  1. Big surveys
    • Standardised anonymisation of microdata sets
      • Deliverables: A list of proposals for improvements to the software.
  2. Blocking methods
    • Deliverables: A report in the first year and an implementation of a cluster-based blocking mechanism in the second year.
  3. Alternative risk models or Microdata dissemination strategies.
    • Deliverables: One report at the end of both years to illustrate the progress made for social surveys. Examples on real surveys will be presented. At the end of each year one report on risk models and data protection for enterprise microdata.
  4. Record linkage
    • Deliverable: Software for distance-based record linkage produced within the CASC project (deliverable 1.2 D6) will be included in μ ARGUS during the first year. The appropriate documentation will be included in the μ ARGUS manual.

Task 6 - Improvement of software for tabular data

  1. Protection of frequency tables and magnitude tables with negative values
    • Deliverables: Inclusion in τ ARGUS, test version in year 1 final version in year 2.
  2. Inclusion of audit-routines
    • Deliverables: We foresee a report in year 1 and based on that an implementation in the software in year two.

Task 7 - Synthetic data files

Deliverables: Report after year 1 and a possible implementation at the end of year 2

Task 8 - Analysis of problems on linked tables

Deliverables: Report after year 1 and a first implementation in τ ARGUS at the end of year 2