Work Packages

WP M - Management & administration

WP A - Feasibility study

The feasibility report was completed by the end of August 2010; the work package 1 is scheduled for completion of its activities by 25 November 2010.

WP B - "Conceptual framework, methodology, rules and standards"

The objectives of this WP:

  • To develop a common operational methodology for profiling that is based on the theoretical foundation and takes into account practical issues like availability of information in different countries. The different levels of statistical units should be considered (Global enterprises (GEs) defined as statistical divisions of the group that can cross the borders, trancated enterprises (TEs) defined at the country level) as well as the feasibility of the collection of information for theenterprise, at least for Option D. An assessment will be done, in this ESSnet, between this proposed type of "enterprise" and the present theoretical or used enterprise unit.
  • To enlarge this assessment of the present theoretical or used statistical units (e.g present enterprise, KAU and eventually LKAU) through a contribution to the ESSnet on Consistency, in accordance with the domains it will choose (SBS, STS etc);
  • The consistency of information collected at the different levels of the groups should be considered and the potential sources of inconsistencies between the data produced at the different levels should be explored (this case includes a possible insight into External Trade in goods and services).
  • To elaborate further the different approaches to profiling (mainly through description of the use of top-down and/or of bottom-up procedures);
  • To define profiling for the European part of non European groups: desk profiling of a few groups could be undertaken to define potential different models (of profiling as well as of statistical units etc) and to propose a way of treating them.
  • To describe the implications of changing from current enterprise to GE/TE, including the treatment of some specific cases among: joint ventures, financial vehicles, holdings, auxiliary activities and units, R&D, SPE, families, funds, foundations, associations, co-operatives.

WP C - "Process/work flows, tools, operational guidelines and quality control for profiling, organisational and financial models"

The objectives of this WP:

  • To write a first version of the guidelines for desk/visit profiling
  • To commence definition of the criteria for the population to be profiled
  • To look at the management of relationships with MNEs as well as those with statisticians, with the aim to define an organisational model for profiling to be included in the guidelines
  • To define roles for profiling a MNE whose UCI is located outside of Europe in relationship with the work done in WP В
  • To coordinate with the ESSnet EGR to develop a model for updating the EGR with profiled information on enterprise and to participate to the development of a validation process of the EGR.
  • To commence the development of the model for financing the costs of profiling of MNE units as opposed to the costs of profiling within the NSI borders: WP В responsibility with large implication of WP M.

WP D - "Testing and implementation"

The objectives of this WP:

  • To prepare a pilot study of a small number of MNEs: this pilot study will be in line with the testing started in the first period and go further by organising visits or other contacts with groups.
  • To provide Eurostat with an implementation plan of the testing on the 2-year period, based on results already available, such as for each group:
    • the delineation of the global structure of the group, the global and the truncated enterprise units, and an insight in the data collectable at each level,
    • the impact on statistics analysed at least on 2 main variables: employment and turnover (used as a proxy for production),
    • the impact on the organisation of tasks in the NSI

WP Diss - Dissemination

The objectives of this WP:

  • To carry on the regular activities of the work package concerning communication and information through the participation to different meetings (e.g. EGR steering group, BR working group, FATS Working group), the organisation of ESSnet workshops (3 of them are planned among which the third one will be devoted to dissemination to all EU and EFTA countries) and the writing of regular reports on the ESSnet activities.
  • To develop a dissemination strategy and to investigate the appropriate way to communicate the results of the ES Snet to the users through the CIRCA website until Eurostat delivers its generic ES Snet web service. To participate to the implementation and to the management of the information on "Profiling" that will be disseminated through this website;
  • To inform and involve the NSIs about profiling through the organisation of (at least a specific) workshop(s)