Work Package 4 - Communication plan

Quality of multi-source statistics (KOMUSO) SGA2

Communication plan

Prepared for KOMUSO Work package 4

Quality of multi-source statistics (KOMUSO) SGA2 is part of a larger project, VIP.BUS ADMIN in the frame of European Statistical System (ESS). The main goal of this project is to assist ESS Member States to make broader and better use of administrative sources in the production of official statistics. The current KOMUSO SGA 2 is the continuation of first SGA of the ESSnet and it is related to WP 3 of VIP.BUS ADMIN (Quality). Communication activity is a key area in the work of ESSnet on quality of multisource statistics (KOMUSO). Objectives of SGA2 are the development of guidelines for output quality and quality of frame for social statistics. The tasks are including the preparation of the structure of two distinct guidelines (WP1 and WP2) as well as an appendix on the practical calculation of quality measures or indicator in specific situations (WP3).

Results of the project will be disseminated on multiple information channels either physical or virtual, like conferences, workshops and the CROS (Collaboration in Research and Methodology for Official Statistics) portal.

Communication with stakeholders

During the whole duration of the ESSnet, parties like the Directors Groups (DIME, ITDG, Social Statistics, Business Statistics, etc.), selected expert groups and non-ESS stakeholders will be continuously informed and asked for opinions on the ongoing actions and achievements;

In order to test procedures, guidelines, new indicators and frameworks elaborated in the ESSnet on a wide scale and to gather wide range or responses, non-participating but interested Member States will be asked to provide feedback;

The ESSnet will actively maintain contacts with on-going related projects such as other WPs of VIP.BUS ADMIN;

The ultimate goal is that the recommendations from the ESSnet should be disseminated through the ESS Handbook for Quality Reporting. Before that happens the ESSnet will through publication of papers and presentations at conferences share its work with the statistical community in general and the ESS community in particular. As the ESSnet brings together eight NSIs it will be possible for the ESSnet to be quite active in its engagement in relation to dissemination of papers as well as participation in seminars and workshops. It will of the outmost importance for the work of an future implementation of the work of the ESSnet to be in dialogue and close contact with NSIs in the ESS all through the four year work period.

By implementing the end result of the work of the ESSnet in the ESS Handbook for Quality Reporting the proposals from the ESSnet should be implemented by NSIs within the ESS – and this should be evaluated among other things through the ESS peer review process.

Conferences and workshops

Several presentations have been already discussed at a Special Papers Section of ISI 2017 conference (61st World Statistics Congress 18 July 2017, Marrakech). The following papers were presented about the results from the previous work of the group (SGA I):

  • Quality of Multisource Statistics (Niels Ploug);
  • Evaluating the quality of administrative data as input for official statistics (quality of multisource statistics) (Regin Reinert);
  • KOMUSO - ESSnet on quality of multisource statistics (Niels Ploug)
  • Output quality of multi-source statistics (Danute Krapavickait); Quality measures and indicators of frames for social statistics arising from multiple sources (Lee Zhang)

The International Statistical Institute (ISI) conference is a major event with participants from all over the world and provided an excellent opportunity to get comments and engage in discussion on the issues covered by the three KOMUSO WP’s. As a conference it was an event where one got the full benefit of the event by participating not only in one’s own event but also by engaging in discussion in other events. The ISI World Statistics Congresses (WSC) take place once every two years. The next conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 18-23 August 2019, where SGA-2 progress/preliminary results will be presented.

The next European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics will take place in Krakow from 27 to 29 June 2018 (http://www.q2018.pl/ ). Like its predecessors, the Q2018 conference will offer participants a platform for high-level discussions on many diverse quality issues in official statistics, as well as to exchange methods and good practices between experts in different areas from different institutions (statistical offices, international organisations, researchers and academics). The progress and results from KOMUSO SGA2 project will be presented here in a special session of Q2018 conference.

At Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders (CESS) 2018 conference first draft of the guidelines will be presented to raise awareness about quality measures. CESS 2018 is going to be held in Bamberg (Germany) on 22-23 October 2018.

Project webpage

The ESSnet will use CROS portal as an important mean of dissemination. The results of previous work are already presented at CROS portal (https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/content/essnet-quality-multisource-statistics-komuso_en ).

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