Work Package 1

WP1 – The continued story of the Methodology Handbook

The document “Methodology for Data Validation”, commonly called the “Methodological Handbook” was presented as a result of the previous ESSnet ValiDat Foundation. As part of the ESSnet ValiDat Integration, Lithuania is working on a new version of this document.

As a deliverable of work package 1, the ESSnet ValiDat Integration is going to confront the theoretical groundwork laid by ValiDat Foundation with common practice across the ESS. Thus, we are preparing a revision of the Methodological Handbook that includes input from different sources on how data validation is handled in current statistical production.

As sources of input on real-life data validation we are currently looking to national validation handbooks or domain-specific guidelines like the MEMOBUST handbook. Additionally, a critical review of the current Methodological Handbook itself resulted in a few adjustments and clarifications.

We held a survey on the portfolio of metrics to gauge the quality of the validation rules and process to gather the different methods in use in the ESS and EFTA states. The results of this survey are included in the new version of the Methodological Handbook and our presentation from the Regional Conferences is attached to this page.


Methodological handbook version 1 plus national and domain-specific content plus metrics equals version 2

In the end, this information can be included in the generic validation report that was developed in work package 2.