What would you like to see as experimental statistics from Eurostat in the future?

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Experimental statistics use new data sources and methods in an effort to expand and improve the way to respond to user needs. Since 2017, Eurostat has been disseminating experimental statistics online


and there are now experimental statistics available on various topics, such as food prices, multinational enterprise groupsflash estimates for social statistics, quality adjusted labour inputlabour market transitions, job/skills mismatches, world heritage sites, supply, use, and input-output tables, and income, and consumption and wealth.

As these are statistics under development, it is possible for you to provide your feedback via the European Statistics User Forum to let the colleagues developing the statistics  know how you would like to see them improved.

Moreover, new experimental statistics are continuously going online, and Eurostat would like to hear what experimental statistics you would like to see developed:

  • Would you like to see altogether new statistics (which?) for which no surveys currently exist?
  • Would you like to have more timely estimates, and if so, for which indicator(s)?
  • Would you like to see statistics from different domains merged or compared?
  • Would you like the statistics presented in greater detail (for which subgroups?) than today?

You are invited to seize this opportunity by coming with your suggestions via the European Statistics User Forum by posting replies to the following message:


This is your chance to shape the Eurostat experimental statistics of the future!

Looking forward to your suggestions,
/The DIGICOM team