What is the purpose?

The European Big Data Hackathon has five objectives.

  • Solve statistical problems by leveraging algorithms and available data, by engaging with developers and data scientist across Europe to build relevant algorithms and by exposing relevant data sets to participants to play around and come up with ideas.
  • Identify best of class European data scientists, by targetting local devolopers’ and data scientists’ communities to attend the events, by connecting with the best participants during and after the events for possible future collaboration, and by creating networks for capacity building between statisticians and data scientists.
  • Promote and accelerate big data for statistics initiatives in Europe, by developping prototypes that European countries will be able to integrate, and by generating buzz about big data within local communities of scientists entrepreneurs.
  • Promote partnerships with research community and private sector, by raising awareness about big data initiatives in Official Statistics in Europe, by starting partnerships with the private sector and Universities.
  • To produce innovative products and tools, including visualisation, to stimulate the use of open data and public use files and to engage with new audiences, thereby contributing to the objectives of the DIGICOM project.