In order to respond to emerging statistical information needs and to seize the opportunities offered by new sources and technologies, new skills and qualifications are required within the European Statistical System.

The European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) provides European statisticians with a wide selection of training courses, workshops and seminars, which greatly enhance their professional qualifications. As an essential tool for improving the quality of national and European statistics, the ESTP allows statistical experts to come together, get to know each other, share their work experience and exchange best professional practice. An interesting and relevant training programme can also play an important role in attracting and retaining new staff members.

To ensure that the ESTP offer reflects the professional needs of today, the courses are developed and revised on a regular basis. In addition to the ESTP courses covering methodology, quality, dissemination, business, economic and social statistics, the programme also offers courses on new data sources, programming languages and communication. In view of the constantly changing environment, ESTP classroom courses are increasingly complemented by online formats, reaching out to wider audiences. As of this year, the ESTP catalogue has also adopted a new rolling format to allow for flexible responses to emerging needs.

I am convinced that the 2021 European Statistical Training Programme is a balanced combination of theory and practice, which together with a proven didactic approach will guarantee the best quality training. I also hope that the National Statistical Offices will make the most of the courses on offer, ensuring that their staff members are fully prepared for the professional challenges ahead.

Mariana Kotzeva
Director-General, Eurostat