[Upcoming open data events:] Webinar TOMORROW (19 March ) ; EU datathon on 13 June (1st prize 15 000 EUR - submission deadline 24 March)

Dear colleague,
We would like to inform you about two upcoming open data events:
Free webinar 19 March
Webinar 19 March 11:00-12:30 (CET ) on “statistical linked open data from a user perspective”, organised by the ESSnet on Linked Open Statistics. Participation is free, but you have to sign up at:
where you can also read more about the event.
EU Datathon 13 June 2019 –  Launch of the open data competition (submission deadline 24 March)
The event
The EU Datathon is an event aiming to further stimulate the use of open data issued by the European Union. It allows competitors to showcase their data skills and innovative ideas. Furthermore, it offers them the opportunity to network and gather support in order to continue developing their ideas after the competition.
The EU Datathon 2019 takes place in Brussels on 13 June.
The challenges
Participants are invited to develop apps and interactive visualisations offering new services or public information insights to citizens, public authorities and businesses. They have to use at least one dataset made available by the EU Institutions, Agencies and other bodes and combine it with at least one dataset of the competition’s partners. The participating teams can compete with their apps in one horizontal or two thematic challenges:
Challenge 1: ‘Innovative ideas through EU open data’
Challenge 2: ‘New insights into economics and finance’
Challenge 3: ‘Tackling climate change’
The deadline for submission is of project descriptions is 24 March.
Please refer to
for additional details.
Best wishes,
/The CROS portal team