Travel arrengements and reimbursement

The costs of travel for

  • one delegate per EU member state and
  • one delegate per EFTA member state

will be financed by Eurostat through Ms Lucia Del Vita, VERBIVIS.


Travel expenses will be refunded to designated delegates (one per country), according to the following modalities:

  • Travel by air: reimbursement up to the average cost of an economy class ticket at the time of reservation;
  • Travel by boat or rail: reimbursement up to the maximum cost of a first class ticket, if travelling from abroad, of a second class ticket, if travelling from Italy;
  • Travel by car: reimbursement at the rate of a first class rail ticket for the same journey and on the same day, if travelling from abroad; at the rate of a second class rail ticket for the same journey and on the same day if travelling from Italy (out of Rome).


Travel expenses will be reimbursed by bank transfer immediately after the event upon presentation of:

  • photocopy of passport;
  • the original receipt from a travel agency, or a valid electronic invoice (if ticket has been purchased online);
  • the original boarding pass(es) / train ticket.


Small amounts (less than € 100.00) may be reimbursed in cash upon request; larger amounts will be transferred to indicated bank accounts (please provide us complete bank details, including IBAN and BIC codes, for international transfers).


Further information on travel arrangements can be obtained by writing to the following e-mail address: contact-rome2014@devstat.com