D1 - Technical report on the source of uncertainties, their consequence and the typology of uncertainties

D2 - Technical report on the methods to measure uncertainties in official statistics and in other scientific fields

D3 - Technical report on the new measures of uncertainties and practical examples of how to represent them in the dissemination

D4.A - Technical report on the different approaches to measure uncertainty at regional level in the current production process of price statistics, incl. practical examples on how to represent them in the dissemination

D4.B - Technical report - study case on the use of scanner data for computing temporal and spatial indexes with a particular focus on the best way to reduce the uncertainty of the estimates and a quality assessment

D5.A - Project webpage and social media account with regular updates during the implementation of the project

D5.B - Abstract and scientific paper in publishable format and accompanying slide presentation

D5.C - The source code of the statistical operations (including all software building blocks) together with the testing material and the related documentation