The Structural Validation service (called STRUVAL) performs structural validation of statistical data files following the SDMX Information Model for a given data flow. It ensures that a data file respects the following key elements:

  1. SDMX compliance in terms of checks on file format and completeness in terms of mandatory fields;
  2. SDMX compliance in terms of the structure and coding defined by the Data Structure Definition (DSD);
  3. The constraints defined for respective data flows.

detailed information about the web serice and teh validation process can be found on the SDMX Infospace.


The endpoints of the services are protected. For more information and to request authentication please contact ESTAT-ESS-SERV@ec.europa.eu.

Due to immense changes in the interface structure two version of the endpoints are currently exposed.

Version 1

Version 1 is based on SDMXConverter 6.12.0. This version is in frozen state. It will not follow any new versions released for the SDMXConverter. To get the lasted available version please consider to switch to version 2

Version 2

Version 2 is the actual version. Consumers should use this version for test and production. The interface is stable and it expose the latest available version of SDMXConverter.

WSDL and XSD schemas

As the enpoints are protceted the WSDL and related schemas have been attached to this page. They can be used to get a first impression of the interfaces.