Stockholm 2010

ESSnet Workshop Stockholm 31 May – 1 June 2010

Statistics Sweden has organised the first ESSnet workshop together with Eurostat. The purpose of the meeting was to allow participants from National Statistical Institutes to present their respective needs and achievements and share their experiences in ESSnet projects. The main objective was to identify different ways to improve the work by highlighting the “best practices” through discussions between ESSnet members and Eurostat. With this meeting, Eurostat wanted to start a dialogue between existing and future ESSnets and to gather comments and proposals from involved stakeholders in order to allow a more easy development of future ESSnet projects.

Final report

Administrative report and evaluation results

Agenda of the workshop

List of participants

Name Institution Country
Alois Haslinger Statistics Austria Austria
Pascal  Jacques Eurostat Belgium
Jean-Pierre Georges Statistics Belgium Belgium
Julia Zmarjova Statistics Estonia Estonia
Tuulikki Sillajõe Statistics Estonia Estonia
Lars H. Backer   European Forum for Geostatistics (EFGS) Europe
Philippe  Chantepie  Ministry of Culture and Communication  France
Fabrice Lenseigne Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques  France
Roxane Silberman  CNRS- Réseau Quetelet  France
Dorothea  Klumpen  Federal Statistical Office Germany
Maurice Brandt   Federal Statistical Office Germany Germany
Roland Sturm   Federal Statistical Office - Destatis Germany
Gabriella Bihari   Hungarian Central Statistical Office Hungary
Loredana Di Consiglio  Istat  Italy
Filomena Grassia  Istat  Italy
Oriana  Daniele Istat  Italy
Solari Fabrizio Istat  Italy
Oskars Kreitals  CSB of Latvia  Latvia 
Raimonda Simiene   Statistics Lithuania Lithuania       
Alma Rutkauskiene  Eurostat  Luxembourg
Harrie van der Ven Eurostat  Luxembourg
Michel Glaude Eurostat  Luxembourg
Tamsyn Sala Eurostat  Luxembourg      
Antonius Platteel   Statistics Netherlands Netherlands
Anco Hundepool Statistics Netherlands Netherlands
Meindert Tienstra Statistics Netherlands Netherlands
Pieter Vlag Statistics Netherlands Netherlands
Jenny Linnerud   Statistics Norway Norway
Thomas Hoel Statistics Norway Norway
Vilni Verner Holst Bloch        Statistics Norway Norway
Monika Natkowska   Statistical Office in Poznan  Poland
Isabel Morgado  Statistics Portugal Portugal
Tina Ostrez  Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia  Slovenia
Miguel Guigó   National Statistics Institute of Spain (INE) Spain
Bo Lundholm  Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Boris Lorenc Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Cecilia Hertzman Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Christina Cronsioe Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Johan Johansson Transport Analysis Sweden
Helen Tandemar Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Jens Olin Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Johanna Ekberg Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Jukka Laurila Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Klas Blomqvist Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Lars Nordbäck Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Anders Holmberg Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Åsa Arrhén Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Pernilla Widebrink Statistics Sweden  Sweden
Alison Pritchard   Office for National Statistics UK