Statistical Disclosure Control

Statistical Disclosure Control

Course Leader

Aleksandra BUJNOWSKA

Target Group

Staff dealing with statistical confidentiality.

Entry Qualifications

Sound command of English. Participants should be able to make short interventions and to actively participate in discussions.


The objective of this course is to provide the participants with an overview of Statistical disclosure theory and methods related to tabular data protection and microdata protection, as well as the respective software. Participants will be asked to bring case studies that will be discussed in the course.


  • Main theoretical principles of SDC concerning tabular data and microdata protection and output checking;
  • Methods of tabular data protection;
  • Methods of microdata protection;
  • Output checking issues;
  • Software SDC tabular data and microdata protection;
  • Practical case studies from MS.

Expected Outcome

Better understanding of the theory, methods and software used in statistical disclosure for tabular data and microdata protection.

Training Methods

The course programme is a mix of theoretical background and practical application provided through:

  • Lectures and presentations;
  • Manual exercises;
  • Practical exercises using Tau Argus and Mu Argus software;
  • Discussion of Case studies from Member States;
  • Group discussions.

Required Reading


Suggested Reading

  • Statistical Disclosure Control (2012) by A. Hundepool, J. Domingo-Ferrer, L. Franconi, S. Giessing, E. Schulte Nordholt, K. Spicer and P.P. de Wolf, Wiley Series in Survey Methodology, ISBN 978-1-1199-7815-2
  • Tau Argus manual;
  • Mu Argus manual;
  • Manuals and software libraries are available on https://github.com/sdcTools)

Required Preparation

Participants will be required to prepare a presentation of practical or methodological problems with micro data or tabular data protection or output checking (so called User cases from Member States); for discussion during the training.


Peter-Paul DE WOLF (Statistics Netherlands)

Eric SCHULTE NORDHOLT (Statistics Netherlands)

Annu CABRERA (Statistics Finland)

Practical Information





Application  via National Contact Point


3.5 days



Deadline: 26.01.2021