Special NTTS 2017 issue of JOS

The NTTS 2017 Scientific committee is pleased to announce, in collaboration with the editors-in-chief of the Journal of Official Statistics (JOS), that papers presented at NTTS 2017are eligible for submission to a special NTTS issue of JOS. This builds the successful experience of the NTTS 2013 issue of JOS:



A necessary criterion for a paper to be considered for the JOS special issue is that it has been presented at NTTS 2017. Papers that have not been presented at NTTS 2017 are thus out of scope.

Important considerations

In many instances, you might have to put in considerable efforts to render your NTTS 2017 paper publishable in JOS. Please note that JOS articles may present

  • theoretical contributions,
  • interesting applications of existing methods,
  • comparisons of different methods, or
  • authoritative reviews.

In general, a JOS article should add to the existing body of knowledge in the field of official statistics. It is therefore important that any article contains a thoroughly referenced introduction that adequately sets out the background in terms of the already existing knowledge. It is against this backdrop that you could demonstrate what new element your paper brings to the topic.

If your paper concerns an interesting application of a method or a tool in your organisation: for the paper to be of interest to the JOS readership, you must demonstrate what is in it for them, as opposed to what was in it for your organisation.

If you propose a new approach, it is important that alternative approaches are thoroughly researched and referenced, and that a credible argument is put forward as to why your proposed approach may be superior in some respect w.r.t. its alternatives. Even if no alternatives exist, it must be borne in mind that "absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence"; some efforts must be made to demonstrate that what you are proposing is genuninely new.


Please note that while your NTTS 2017 abstract will surely be a good start, JOS requires a full paper, completely adhering to the author guidelines as published on the JOS homepage


If you are not familiar with writing articles in peer-reviewed journals, please take some time to study a couple of issues of JOS, for instance:

Issue 1 of Volume 29

Issue 2 of Volume 31

Issue 2 of Volume 32

to acquaint yourself with the style and type of content expected in a JOS article.


All manuscript submissions have to take place via the following online system:


Please do NOT submit your manuscripts via the regular JOS submission interface, as  manuscripts submitted via that channel will not be considered by the NTTS 2017 guest editorial committee. A specific online submission interface will be made available during the first half of April.

The deadline for submissions to the special NTTS 2017 issue of JOS is 30 April 2017.


After submission of the JOS manuscripts, the NTTS 2017 special issue guest editorial team will do a first selection, and proceed to conduct a full peer review of successful papers. (Actual inclusion/publication in the JOS special issue is obviously conditional on a positive outcome of the peer review.)