Session 8A - Mobile phone data as a source for official statistics (special session)

Date: 11 March 2015

Time: 10:15-11:15

Place: "Alcide de Gasperi" room (GASP)

Session organiser: Rein Ahas

The new so-called BIG data based data sources are an important complement to the existing statistics. They are used extensively in science, “new” businesses, and increasingly in the statistics system. One of the attractive data sources that has already been used in a significant extent is the information connected to mobile phones. The positioning data of phones, phone-based social networks’ data, communication and information use data are being used.

The aim of the session is to provide an overview of the use of mobile phone data for official statistics. One of the source materials is the “Eurostat Feasibility Study: The Use of Mobile Positioning Data for Tourism Statistics” prepared in 2014. The session is open for discussions over the theoretical, legal, methodological, and financial issues concerning the use of mobile phone data.