Session 6B - Progress in the production and policy use of GDP and beyond indicators (special session)

Date: 10 March 2015

Time: 17:15-18:15

Place: "Sicco Mansholt" room (MANS)

Session organisers: Marianne Paasi & Marina Signore

Session chair: Marianne Paasi


The invited session will focus on the contributions of EU FP7 projects to  “GDP and Beyond” measurement and research agenda. It will concentrate both on the measurement and on the use of “GDP and beyond” indicators to inform policy. Thus, it will address different stakeholders ranging from policy makers and their advisors, official statisticians and the academia, to the society at large.

Topics that are gaining importance, in the “GDP and beyond” area, include measurement issues, fostering policy use of progress indicators, grating legitimacy to progress indicators and supporting crowd-sourced indicators of well-being and sustainable development.