SDMX (Finished)

[no-lexicon] The ESSnet on SDMX is a collaborative network between partners of the ESS and aims to accelerate the implementation of the standard SDMX at national and international level.[/no-lexicon]
The objectives of this project are:

  • Broaden and strengthen a NSI standard SDMX framework;
  • Make standard tools available to a more easy implementation of the standard SDMX in the processing and exchange of data and metadata files between national and international organizations;
  • Improve the semantic harmonization of concepts and terminology supporting this standard;
  • Disseminate, widely, related tools and documentation

Main milestones: 16/10/2009 Kick off meeting

Dissemination actions towards the ESS:

A web site will be provided with all deliverables

  • A wiki corner to stimulate the debate related to the topics with the users and outside the ESS will be available
  • A presentation of results in two Eurostat WG (Metedata and STNE)
  • A final workshop will be organised
  • A training plan will be provided

Work Packages (WP)

  • WP1- Overall management of the Action
  • WP2 - MCV Ontology
  • WP3 - SDMX Data Explorer
  • WP4 - Generalised SDMX Framework
  • WP5 - N/A
  • WP6 - SDMX Data Manager Development
  • WP7 - PC Axis SDMX ML integration
  • WP8 - SDMX in Survey design Data Collection
  • WP9 - Dissemination of tools and results.
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