SC1-PM-18–2016: Big Data supporting Public Health policies

Official publication


What is the call about?

Proposals should focus on how to better acquire, manage, share, model, process and exploit the huge amount of data to develop integrated solutions that support public health authorities of Member States and associated countries in particular in healthcare system management, long-term policy making and increase the ability to provide actionable insights at the point of care. Relevant solutions include, for example, systems for determining and monitoring the combined effects of environment, lifestyle and genetics on public health, enabling early identification of effects, both on women and men, that can have large impacts on health including lifestyle and provision of healthcare – both short term and long term as well as when interaction with other public sectors is required (e.g. physical planning). Focus should also be on the governance of Big Data in order to use it proficiently across organisations and at policy levels. Integrated solutions should include suitable approaches towards securing security and privacy issues.

Which funding is foreseen?

The Commission expects that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of between EUR 3 and 5 million.

Could official statistics expertise be a large part of the project team?

Official statistics can be involved in part in the project team, mainly for issues related to the- Mapping comprehensive big data in a reachable and manageable way by applying principles for sharing and reusability, creating a network of knowledge by linking heterogeneous data sources for public health strategy, and turning large amounts of data into actionable information to authorities for planning public health activities and implementation of an approach "health in all policies.

Which type of official statistics expertise would be needed?

  • Experts in record linkage and data analysis
  • Domain experts (Health);
  • Visualisation experts may be also within the scope of the project.


The above information is based on a subjective assessment. The authoritative source of information concerning the call is available on the Participant portal. The authoritative source of information on the rules and procedures for submitting a proposal is the Participant portal.