Project description

SAMPLE has four main objective:

  • to develop new indicators that will provide a deeper insight in understanding inequality and poverty with special focus on social exclusion and deprivation;
  • to develop statistical models for estimating these indicators and their corresponding statistical accuracy measures at the local (small area) level;
  • to implement procedures for producing and interpreting the poverty indicators;
  • to provide a collection of reliable and informative indicators of poverty and deprivation defined at local area level, useful for Local Government Agencies.

SAMPLE’s objectives will be realised:

  • by combining data from national surveys with rich data from the Census and local administrative databases;
  • by employing a European, cross-institution interdisciplinary team of experts in poverty research and small area estimation;
  • by consulting with policy makers, stakeholders and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Data of the local stakeholders, who are in direct contact with experiencing poverty, will surely have a crucial role in order to identify and develop new poverty indicators. The EU-SILC survey data will be integrated with these local administrative databases. In the project, an over-sampling of EU-SILC is done for the Province of Pisa (Local Administrative Unit 1 level) in the Tuscany region