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SA Expert Group (SAEG)


[no-lexicon]The Eurostat-ECB (European Central Bank) Seasonal Adjustment Expert Group (SAEG) is the high level group of experts  in charge of the coordination of the Seasonal Adjustment activities in National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) and National Central Banks (NCBs) and reporting to the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) and the European System of Central Banks Statistics Committee (STC).[/no-lexicon]

The Group:

  • Provides a forum for exchange of views, in the areas under its remit, by presenting the new priorities envisaged and the possible fields where simplification, reprioritisation and/or phasing-out of certain work could be envisaged.
  • Addresses the issue and ensure the links between the areas under its responsibility and other domains.
  • Facilitates the capacity building and knowledge management in the areas under its responsibility.
  • Facilitates and promotes the modernisation of the ESS.
  • Fosters the exchange of practices between the members of the group via a dedicated collaborative site.
  • Promotes training activities and exchanges information about training opportunities.


Areas of responsibilities are:

  • Promotion and  regular updating of ESS guidelines on Seasonal Adjustment
  • Promotion of JDEMETRA+ as official tool to be used for Seasonal Adjustment within the ESS
  • Coordination of release policy of JDEMETRA+ versioning including its official plug-ins
  • Coordination of methodological and practical developments in seasonal adjustment and related areas.


Participants (up to 20 people)

  • 2 representatives from Eurostat and 2 from European Central Bank, co-chairing the meeting and acting as co-secretaries
  • 5 representatives from NSIs plus 5 from NCBs
  • 1 representative (consortium leader) from the Seasonal Adjustment Centre of Excellence
  • 1 representative from the Seasonal Adjustment User Group
  • 1 representative from the Seasonal Adjustment Developers Group
  • Additional participants (from any of the institutions above and/or other international organizations) can attend the meeting as observers 

(Agenda and minutes of the meetings)

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