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Research Projects under Framework Programmes

Here you will find funding opportunities related to official statistics research projects under Horizon 2020 as well as information on current and previous research projects under the European Union Research Framework Programmes.

European Union research funding

Since 1984, European Community research and technological development activities have been defined and implemented by a series of multi-annual Framework Programmes (FP); The 4th RTD FP (1994-1998), the 5th FP (1998-2002), the 6th FP (2002-2006), the 7th FP (2007-2013) and currently Horizon 2020 (2014-2020).

The Framework programmes have been the main financial tools through which the European Union supports research and development activities covering almost all scientific disciplines. FPs are proposed by the European Commission and adopted by Council and the European Parliament following a co-decision procedure.

More information on research programmes and funding could be found on Cordis Web site: www.cordis.eu.

Research in official statistics

Research in official statistics is being carried out in many national statistical institutes, research centres and universities through the research and technical development (RTD) Framework Programmes. It is focused on developing new statistic techniques and producing statistics for EU policy making. There is an obvious need to share experience and expertise and benefit the most from investments both at national and international level. In this context, and with a view to improving the exploitation of research results into the statistical production chain, Eurostat is playing an important in the dissemination of results and implementation of research.

Events for developing and promoting reserach in official statistics

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