Registration to NTTS 2013

No registration fee

There is no registration fee for the conference. However, Eurostat reserves the right to refuse registrations, e.g. on grounds of the maximum capacity of the conference centre being reached.

Registration online mandatory

The registration to NTTS 2013 is now open, and those in possession of a CROS portal account can now reach the registration form via:


Please note: In order to reach the conference registration form, you must be logged in to the CROS portal AND your account must be validated. [Thus, if you have just registered to CROS, you may have to wait up to one working day before your account has been validated - so do not be surprised if you cannot register if you log in to CROS for the first time right after having created your account.]

(If you do not yet have a CROS portal account, please click on http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/user/register to get an account. Getting an account is free, but subject to human validation to prevent spamming - so please allow for 1 working day between your request for an account and the validation of your account before attempting to register to NTTS 2013.)

The NTTS 2013 conference registration interface is scheduled to be shut down on 18 February 2013.


A sandwich lunch is offered free of charge to all registered participants all three days by the European Commission (Eurostat).

The dinner on the first day of the conference is offered free of charge to all registered participants by the European Commission (Eurostat).

Registration form

Note: The below link to the registration form is only accessible if you ar logged in to the CROS portal.