Questionnaires for Collecting MS Practices

The ESSnet on Consistency, Work Package 2 (WP2) on "Target Population, Frames, Reference Period, Classifications and their Applications" performed a survey on MS practices in Business and Trade-related Statistics in respect to WP2's area of competence.

To this end, tailor-made domain related questionnaires were sent to statistical domain managers in the EU and EFTA NSIs at the beginning of March 2013. For reasons of convenience, the questionnaires were also provided for download from this site (in zip format, see on the right).

The data collection phase was finished in April 2013. A report giving an overview of the questionnaire exercise can be found on top of the "RELATED DOCUMENTS" list.

The information given in the questionnaires returned will now be used for identifying issues of inconsistencies across statistical domains and countries covered.


The members of ESSnet Consistency WP2 would like to thank all participants in the survey for their cooperation!