Project's objectives

The objective of EIGE's ongoing work to improve administrative data collection on intimate partner violence (IPV), rape and femicide in EU Member States (MS) is to enhance both the comprehensiveness and comparability of data. The final aim of this is to help policy makers assess the scale of the problem and design suitable responses.

In this context, EIGE launched in 2019 a project targeting (1) the assessment of the progress made by EU MS in populating the 13 indicators on IPV, rape and femicide proposed by EIGE in 2017, and (2) the developement of a classification system on femicide.

The ongoing project "Advancing Administrative Data Collection on Intimate Partner Violence and Gender-related Killings of Women" is implemented with the support of GOPA Luxembourg s.a r.l as external contractor of EIGE.

The project, under implementation starting with July 2019 and until June 2020, frames the following specific objectives:

  • To assess the progress made at national level in improving data availability, in order to provide uniform data on IPV, rape and femicide and enhance EU data comparability;
  • To improve data  collection on gender-related killings of women and girls by developing a classification system.