Project types

ESSnet projects are multinational structures composed by ESS organisations.  These organisations will lead and perform all activities described in actions or work packages. They can use external technical assistance on very specific technical areas to a limited extent.  The team will support the developments and also include an administrative function.  The administrative function should stay within the same co-ordinating institution all along the multi-annual ESSnet projects. The administrative work could be an eligible project cost. The work of the co-ordinating function covers the development of the ESSnet partners' network, the setting up of dissemination channels (web site, conference, etc), the reporting of costs from partners to the Commission and the management of user and steering groups.

  • Output oriented

    In this case, the final output is clearly described and fits into the yearly statistical programme, the scope is defined and the project is limited in its duration: 1 or 2 years. Such a project is suitable to be funded by a Multi-Beneficiary Grant Agreement. 

  • Objective oriented

    This type of ESSnet is an extension of the "output oriented" option, where the scope is broader and the work programme has to be redefined when specific steps are completed. Such a project could expand beyond the timeframe of 1 or 2 years and it is necessary to establish a longer term partnership with participating organisations. Each year, the work agenda is revised according to priorities established by the steering group in order to reach the initial objectives established at the beginning. Such a project could be suitably funded under a Framework Partnership Agreement with yearly work programmes.