Possible topics of NTTS 2015 papers

Abstracts could be submitted to NTTS 2015 for any topic related to new techniques and technologies for official statistics. An indicative list is provided below.

Data collection

  • Pilot experiments and experiments embedded in statistical production
  • Data collection modes [multi-mode, web, smartphones, EDC (scanners, GPS, monitoring apps...)]
  • Non-response, response propensity, respondent behaviour and response burden
  • Administrative and registry data
  • Big Data and other non-traditional sources
  • Versatile data collection systems
  • Survey sampling
  • Survey design
  • Horizontally integrated data collection systems


Data integration

  • Data warehousing
  • Data linking, statistical matching
  • Integration of survey, administrative and Big Data sources
  • Data reconciliation
  • Multinational repositories
  • Accounting frameworks


Estimation and analysis

  • Survey estimation
  • Estimation based on Big Data
  • Variance estimation
  • Small Area Estimation
  • Outlier treatment
  • Validation, editing and imputation
  • Estimation based administrative data
  • Estimation based on Big Data
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Spatial statistics
  • Indicators
  • GDP – and beyond!
  • Time series analysis, seasonal adjustment, forecasting, nowcasting and prediction
  • Other estimation topics


Dissemination and visualisation

  • Open Data
  • Visualisation, GIS, regional statistics
  • Statistical disclosure control
  • Data access
  • Mobile applications


Innovation in information models and standards

  • Information models
  • New metadata concepts, structures and formats (Semantic web/RDF etc.)
  • IT systems to support a corporate statistical Enterprise Architecture
  • Shared services, data sharing and statistical registries for standards