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PL - Wrocław University ofEconomics (UE)

Name of the Master programme

Master in Economic Analytics – Specialization in Official Statistics


Wrocław University of Economics, Poland

Contact person

Cyprian Kozyra

Contact email address


Short description of the Master programme

The proposed specialization in Official Statistics is based on an already existing Master in Economic Analytics programme. Subjects have been grouped into four thematic modules: statistical, financial, IT and general. Half of the courses have been adapted from the already existing Master programme. The other half of the courses are new subjects designed to implement the EMOS learning outcomes. Many courses are taught by experienced specialists from outside of Wrocław University of Economics, working mainly in official statistics institutions.

The programme is strongly focused on the regional dimension of official statistics, so practical cooperation and internship for students are designed largely within the regional offices such as the Statistical Office in Wroclaw, Wroclaw branch of the National Bank of Poland and the Institute for Territorial Development. Cooperation (including internship) with central offices on national level such as Statistics Poland (Central Statistical Office), National Bank of Poland and the Department of Analyses of the Ministry of Finance is also planned to some extent.

Web page of the Master programme


Entrance criteria (note of Bachelor degree, language, other)

Bachelor or Master degree obtained, Polish language knowledge


4 semesters

Number of ECTS


Cooperation partner in Official Statistics

Statistics Poland (Central Statistical Office), Statistical Office in Wrocław, National Bank of Poland (Regional Branch in Wrocław), Ministry of Finance (Department of Analyses), Institute for Territorial Development (in Lower Silesian Voivodeship)

Start date

October 2019