PL - Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT)

Name of the Master programme

Economic Analysis (specialisation: Macroeconomic Analytics)


Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland

Contact person

Aneta Sobiechowska-Ziegert, PhD

Contact email address


Short description of the Master programme

The Master programme structure has been arranged so that during the consecutive semesters, students develop their skills in the field of statistical and econometrical analysis based on cross-sectional, panel, time-series and spatiotemporal data. Additionally, we offer our students specialised modules covering the theoretical framework of the Master's Programme, which combines computer-assisted statistics (R, Stata, Statistica, QGis, Geoda), survey methodology and statistics. All these ensure an excellent education in statistics and prepares graduates well for their future professional career. We also introduce the course entitled Aspects of Official Statistics, during which students will gain knowledge about principles of official statistics, European statistical system, statistical standards as well as processes of statistical data production, methods and tools used in official statistics. Additionally, students have to attend an internship lasting six weeks in the fields of Official Statistics. They will also prepare their master's thesis on a subject relating to Official Statistics

Web page of the Master programme

https://zie.pg.edu.pl/economic-analysis (web page fully dedicated to EMOS is under construction)

Entrance criteria (note of Bachelor degree, language, other)

Bachelor degree, basic knowledge of economics and statistics


4 semesters

Number of ECTS

Full program 120 ECTS (EMOS track: 57 ECTS (through courses) + 21 ECTS (Master Theses) + 12 ECTS (Internship+training))

Cooperation partner in Official Statistics

Statistical Office in Gdańsk,  National Bank of Poland

Start date

October 2019