Partnership Public Health Statistics

[no-lexicon]The main objectives is to  carried out in ESSnet PH support further development of a coordinated network for public health statistics ranging from methodological development to implementation and analyses. [/no-lexicon]


  • Member States, in particular the CG leaders will assist Eurostat in improving the quality of health statistics, in developing recommendations for analysis, dissemination and common tools.
  • The ESSnet PH will assist Eurostat in the preparation of implementing measures for the new Regulation on public health statistics. CG CoD has already started its work on an implementing regulation. CGs HIS and CARE (for non-expenditure data) will start its preparatory work in 2009, followed by CGs MORB and CARE (for expenditure data) in 2010.
  • The ESSnet-PH will create synergy by coordinated actions in view of methodological and data quality improvements, recommendations for analyses and common tools.
  • Main users of public health statistics will be consulted during the initiation of new and the revision of ongoing sets of public health statistics in order to ensure that they are in line with the users needs.
  • Dissemination of the work and results through reports to DSS and WG on Public Health Statistics, preparing and steering the TG together with Eurostat. Working documents as well as reports will be published on CIRCA.
  • The two main objectives for statistics on provision and utilisation of health care (CG CARE) are to assist Eurostat by giving input for the preparation of an implementing regulation on care and to monitor the SHA revision process.
  • The work of CG CoD focuses on the improvement in collection, analysis and dissemination of comparable causes of death statistics in the European Union.
  • The objective of CG HIS is to provide assistance and a scientific support to Eurostat in the development and sustainability of the European Health Interview Survey (EHIS)

Main milestones: 

  • Start of the action: 1st October 2009, with a kick-off meeting for PHMG in the first month.
  • Setting up TFs by first half of 2010.
  • Reporting to WG on Public Health Statistics in 2009 and 2011.
  • 1st meetings of CG CARE, CoD, and HIS between October 2009 and January 2010.
  • 2nd meeting of PHMG between January and June 2010.
  • 1st meetings of TFs between June and December 2010.
  • 2nd meetings of CG CARE, CoD and HIS between June and December 2010.
  • 2nd meetings of TFs between January and June 2011.
  • 3rd meeting of PHMG between September and December 2010.
  • 3rd meetings of CG CARE, CoD and HIS between January and June 2011.
  • Reporting to DSS in September 2011.
  • 4th meeting of PHMG between January and June 2011

Dissemination actions towards the ESS:

  • Publishing all relevant working documents on CIRCA (documents for PHMGs restricted for PHMG, documents for the CGs restricted for the CG members.
  • Publishing all relevant reports (when approved by the WG) on public domain of CIRCA

Work Packages (WP)

  • WP1 - Management
  • WP2 - CG CARE
  • WP3 - CG Causes of Death (CoD)
  • WP4 - CG Health Interview Surveys (HIS) 
  • WP5 - Dissemination 
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