Output checking in research data centres


Output Checking in Research Data Centres

Course Leader

Aleksandra BUJNOWSKA and Wilhelmus KLOEK

Target Group

Staff members dealing with statistical confidentiality, especially staff in Research Data Centres or Safe Centres. The course is intended for staff checking output that was created by external researchers or output from varying statistical analyses created by colleagues in statistical offices.

Entry Qualifications

Sound command of English. Participants should be able to make short interventions and to actively participate in discussions.


The objective of this course is to introduce participants to the practice of output checking for confidentiality risks. The course focuses on output that is generated by researchers from official microdata. In most cases researchers will have had access to microdata through the Research Data Centre of the data producer to produce the output. The participants will be invited to bring their own case studies for discussion in the training course.


  • Review of statistical disclosure control methodology;
  • Approaches for checking tabular output and non-tabular output;
  • Researcher training;
  • Practical case studies from MS;
  • Software examples.

Expected Outcome

Better understanding of theory and methods used when statistical output that has been created by researchers is checked for statistical confidentiality.

Training Methods

The course programme is a mix of theoretical background, practical application and group discussion:

  • Presentations and lectures;
  • Demonstration of examples;
  • Manual exercises;
  • Group discussions.

Required Reading


Suggested Reading

  • Guidelines for Output Checking
  • Statistical Disclosure Control (2012) by A. Hundepool, J. Domingo-Ferrer, L. Franconi, S. Giessing, E. Schulte Nordholt, K. Spicer and P.P. de Wolf, Wiley Series in Survey Methodology, ISBN 978-1-1199-7815-2

Required Preparation

Participants will be required to bring and present two examples of output for discussion in the training. These should be two outputs that they themselves or colleagues have checked in their Statistical Institute and found challenging or interesting or that illustrate a rule of output checking.


Eric SCHULTE NORDHOLT (Statistics Netherlands);

Peter-Paul DE WOLF (Statistics Netherlands);

Janika TARKOMA (Statistics Finland)

Practical Information





Application  via National Contact Point


2 days

Eurostat, Luxembourg


Deadline: 23.08.2021