Our EMOS Board

The EMOS Board is an essential part of the EMOS governance framework and for the development of EMOS. The Board assists the ESSC with regard to the development of EMOS, in particular the award of the EMOS label to Master programmes in compliance with the EMOS requirements. It also contributes to quality monitoring of the EMOS Master programmes in order to ensure that the required standards are achieved and maintained through evaluation of new applications and extensions of the EMOS label. 

The EMOS Board is composed of fourteen members: six from universities, five from National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), one from a National Central Bank (NCB), one from the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC), and one from Eurostat acting as Chair.

EMOS Board 2021-2023

Francois Coquet                    ENSAI, France
Adam Czerniak                      Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
Francesca Di Iorio                  University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Claudiu Herteliu                      Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
Peter Lugtig                            Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Monica Pratesi                        University of Pisa, Italy

National Statistical Institutes
Bart Bakker                             Statistics Netherlands
Pamela Lafferty                       Central Statistics Office (CSO) Ireland
Inga Masiulaitytė-Šukevič       Statistics Lithuania
Bojana Radojević                    Statistical Office of Montenegro
Markus Zwick                          Destatis, Germany

European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC): Marie Bohatá
European System of Central Banks (ESCB): Andrea Brandolini

Albrecht Wirthmann                  Chair, Eurostat


Appointment and terms

Members from universities shall be individuals appointed in a personal capacity. The other members shall be representatives of NSIs, NCB, ESAC and Eurostat.

Members from universities shall be appointed by the ESS Committee from specialists with competence in the area of education and training in Official Statistics and who have responded to the call for applications. Representatives from NSIs shall be appointed by the ESS Committee. NCB, ESAC and Eurostat shall nominate their representatives.

Members are appointed for three years. Their term of office may be renewed once.

Members who are no longer capable of contributing effectively to the Board’s deliberations or who resign may be replaced for the remainder of their term of office. A representative from an NSI who resigns may be replaced by another representative from the same NSI.

Members appointed in a personal capacity shall act independently and in the public interest.