Other results

This page will contain other results of the project.

The final repository containing all the six different analysis carried out:

"Final repository.mdb"

It can be downloaded and analyzed also by producing the available reports and queries.

The final version of analyses carried out on the six methodological handbooks are also available:

1. "Survey Methods and Practice" by ISTAT and ONS

2. "Questionnaire Development and Test" by ONS and INSEE

3. "Guidelines for Statistical Metadataon the Internet " by INSEE

4. "Eurostat sampling reference guidelines" by DESTATIS

5. "EDIMBUS" by Destatis and KSH

6. "ESS handbook for Quality reports" by KSH and GUS


One may also find the ISO vocabulary which was adopted by the consortium, the revised mandate of the Sponsorship on Standardisation and documents referring to the standardisation process .