NTTS 2019 panellists

Panellists for the panel on Data4Policy, 14 March 2019 https://coms.events/ntts2019/en/day_4.html



In his capacity of Digital Adviser, Mario Mariniello leads the EPSC work related to Digital Single Market issues. Mario holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Organization from the European University Institute of Fiesole (Florence) and a M.Sc. in Economics from CORIPE (Turin). He currently teaches a course in Digital Economy at the College of Europe and has previously taught a course in European Economic Integration for Master students at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
Mario joined the EPSC from Bruegel where he was Research Fellow for Competition Policy and Regulation. With Bruegel, Mario published extensively on issues related to competition policy and ICT regulation. His columns and policy works have been published or quoted in leading international media, such as Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, La Tribune, Der Spiegel, Project Syndicate, Vox, Les Echos, De Standaard and others. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences.


Eduardo Barredo Capelot has Academic degrees in Economics and Geography by the Universities of Madrid and London respectively, and postgraduate studies at the College of Europe, in Bruges. He has developed most of his professional career in Eurostat, where he is currently the Director Methodology; Dissemination; Cooperation in the European Statistical System. He has worked in the areas of external trade and balance of payments statistics (also at the IMF), national accounts and government finance statistics, and business statistics.


Yvo Volman (1965) is head of the 'Data Policy and Innovation' unit in the Directorate General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission.
Yvo studied at the Universities of Amsterdam and Strasbourg and holds a PhD in European law awarded by the European University Institute in Florence. He worked for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in the areas of industrial and technology policy, before joining the European Commission in 1998. In the Commission, he dealt with legislative and strategic issues as well as funding programmes related to the information market, digitisation and data.

Dr Konstantin Pashev is Head of Unit in DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) of the European Commission, where he has had management experience in both the use and the supply of data for informing policy-making. After having led for four years the economic analysis unit of DG GROW, in the last four years he has been heading the informatics unit of the DG, where he is responsible for the delivery of its Data Assets Strategy with a focus on making best use of public sector data from the large portfolio of information systems of DG GROW.

Before the European Commission, Dr Pashev has worked as a Senior Economist in the World Bank; as associate professor in public economics, and as a founder and chair of a think tank for monitoring and evaluation of public policy. He has authored empirical research articles and about a dozen of books and reports on fiscal governance, tax compliance and anti-corruption. He holds a PhD in Economics from Meiji University in Tokyo.




Panellists for the panel on Big Data in combination with AI, Smart statistics, internet-of-things​, 14 March 2019 https://coms.events/ntts2019/en/day_4.html



Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen, CStat PStat CSci, founded Statoo Consulting in 2001 and regularly consults on applying statistical thinking to big data analytics for businesses and government bodies in Switzerland and across Europe.
In addition, he is currently Professor of Data Science at the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) at the University of Geneva, Founding Director of GSEM's new Master of Science in Business Analytics program, and Principal Scientific and Strategic Big Data Analytics Advisor and Consultant for the Directorate and the Board of Management of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
Professor Dr. Diego Kuonen, CStat PStat CSci, is ranked within several global "Big Data", "Analytics" and "Data Science" "Top 100 Influencers" lists, and he is very active on Twitter.


Stefano Bertolo (1965) is a scientific programme officer at the “Data Policy and Innovation Unit” in the Directorate General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission. Stefano holds a PhD in Philosophy and Cognitive Science from Rutgers University and has worked as a post-doctoral associate at the Brain and Cognitive Science Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After six years working as a programmer at an artificial intelligence company in Austin, TX (where he cooperated with IBM on the precursor of the Watson system) he joined the European Commission in 2004. There he has managed projects on data technologies funded by various framework programmes and contributed to the design of the data portals of the European Institutions.

Cécile Huet is Deputy Head of the Unit "Robotics and Artificial Intelligence" at the European Commission. This unit funds and assists beneficial robotics and AI developments within Europe.
The unit is in charge of one of the world's largest civilian programme in robotics with a budget of €700 million EU funding from Horizon 2020, supplemented by €2.1 billion from the European robotics industry in the context of the Robotics Public-Private Partnership.
Moreover, this unit is at the heart of the Communication on Artificial Intelligence for Europe, and the Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence.
Cécile joined the unit since its creation in 2004. Previously, she worked for the industry in signal processing after a post-doc at the University of California Santa Barbara and a PhD at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.
In 2015, she has been selected as one of the "25 women in robotics you need to know about".


Discussant for the session engaging with data users, 13 March 2019 https://coms.events/ntts2019/data/sessions/en/session_55.html


Liza Donnelly is a writer and award-winning cartoonist with The New Yorker Magazine, where she has been drawing cartoons about culture and politics for over thirty years. She is also resident cartoonist for CBS News, creating political cartoons and live-drawing for CBS This Morning and special events. Donnelly writes and draws for The New York Times and CNN Opinion pages. She is a designated top writer and cartoonist for Medium in politics and feminism.
Donnelly has been a Cultural Envoy for the US State Department, traveling around the world to speak about freedom of speech, cartoons and women’s rights.  Donnelly delivered a very popular TED talk, which was translated into 38 languages and viewed over one million times. She also spoke at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, The New Yorker Festival, several TEDxes, colleges, universities, NGOs and corporate venues in the US and abroad.
Donnelly is the creator of a new digital visual journalism she calls live-drawing. For CBS News, CNN and The New Yorker, she covered the DNC in 2016, and the 2017 inauguration, White House Press conference, political protest marches and various events for them since. According to NBC News, Donnelly is “a pioneer of on-the-fly sketching of live events” wherein she quickly cartoons people and events on her tablet and immediately tweets them out, sometimes with humorous and insightful commentary on the drawing or in the tweet. 
In 2016, Donnelly was the first cartoonist to be granted access on location to live draw and tweet the Academy Awards and red carpet, and she will be returning for her third time in 2018.  She covered the presidential debates, State of The Union, election returns, the Oscars,  Emmys, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the BET Awards, the Tonys, the Olympics, World Cup, Superbowl, literary events, and more.  Along with CBS News and The New Yorker, her clients include Fusion, The New York Times, BET, Medium, PBS, Narrative Magazine, Deutch Bank, ESPN, Stanford University, The Hindustan Times and others. Her innovative approach to reporting and commenting on events with live tweet drawing has been covered in Time, CBSNews.com, NBC News.com, Ad Week, USAToday, and People Magazine. 

Donnelly was profiled on CBS Sunday Morning, MSNBC.com, NBC, has appeared on CBS This Morning, and has been interviewed on radio and in numerous magazines, newspapers and online. Donnelly’s cartoons and commentary can be seen on various websites: the New Yorker; Politico, CNN; Huffington Post; Salon; Daily Beast; Fusion; Politico; Narrative Magazine. Her work has appeared in print publications, including The New York Times, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, The Nation, South Hampton Review, Jerusalem Post, and The Harvard Business Review. Donnelly is the author/editor of eighteen books.  Donnelly is a charter member of the international project, Cartooning for Peace, helping to promote understanding through humor.  Her work has been in numerous exhibitions globally, and she has curated exhibits of international cartoonists, here and abroad.  Donnelly taught at Vassar College and the School of Visual Arts.
Currently a Distinguished Fellow at Barnard College, Donnelly is a recipient of an honorary PhD from University of Connecticut and delivered the Graduate School Commencement address, was a Thurber Prize finalist, the award for written humor in the United States, and is a recipient of a Reuben Award, the Salon St. Just International Prize, France, the AAUW Women of Distinction Award, and the Forte Dei Marmi, Italy, Satire Award. Her cartoons are in the Library of Congress Prints Collection, The Museum of Illustration and in private collections, and her cartoons are collected in numerous books around the world.  A member of PEN, Donnelly is the Vice President of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists.
Her website is lizadonnelly.com,  and on twitter at @lizadonnelly, she can be contacted at liza@lizadonnelly.com.  She lives in New York with her husband.
“Donnelly’s cartoons are the best kind of funny—sly, smart, and right on the money. 
 [They] are great social commentary as well as great fun.”  Susan Orlean,
“Liza often steps out from behind her drawing table to make this world not just a funnier place, but a better one too.”  Planet Green