NTTS 2015

The NTTS series

New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics (NTTS) is an international biennial scientific conference series, organised by Eurostat, on new techniques and methods for official statistics, and the impact of new technologies on statistical collection, production and dissemination systems.

The purpose of the conference is both to allow the presentation of results from currently ongoing research and innovation projects in official statistics, and to stimulate and facilitate the preparation of new innovative projects (by encouraging the exchange of views and co-operation between researchers - including the possible building of research consortia) with the aim of enhancing the quality and usefulness of official statistics and to prepare activities related to research in statistics within the European Framework Programme for Research and Development (Horizon 2020).

Programme, abstracts & presentations

The full programme, including links to the abstracts of the papers that have been presented can be found here.


Conference abstracts submitted within the stipulated deadlines are included in the NTTS 2015 conference proceedings and digitally published here

More information

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