NTTS 2015 global interaction centre

Live webstreaming - an NTTS tradition

Cannot make it to the NTTS 2015 conference? Fear not!  All sessions ending with "A", i.e. all those that take place in the GASP auditorium will be transmitted globally via live webstreaming. You will thus be able to watch all keynote speeches as well as a large number of special sessions from the comfort of your office chair.

So, from 09:30 CET on 10 March and for three days straight: shut your door (or put on your earphones), tune in to to the NTTS 2015 live webstreaming page at http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/content/ntts-2015-live-webstreaming and enjoy!

NEW at NTTS 2015: Twitter as privileged point of entry for questions

Given the ubiquity of handheld devices, we will, for the first time in the NTTS series, let tweets to #NTTS2015 be the privileged point of entry for questions to the speakers. Thus: for all (*) sessions which are transmitted via live webstreaming, we will watch all tweets to #NTTS2015, and give those priority above regular questions from the floor!


  • if you're watching NTTS 2015 via live webstreaming, you can also ask your questions to the speakers during the presentation. At the Q&A part at the end of each session, tweets received will be responded to first, and questions from the floor will only be taken if time permits.
  • if you're attending NTTS 2015, please make sure to (i) bring your smartphone/tablet  - and to (ii) set up a twitter account (if you don't have one already) if you want to be sure to be able to ask your questions to the presenters during the Q&A!
  • if you're interested in seeing what questions are raised at NTTS 2015, you could check out out the NTTS 2015 twitter aggregator at: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/NTTS-2015-twitter-aggregator

(*) The speed-dating session will not accommodate any Q&A part, since the interaction with speakers will take place in the lobby outside (Sorry, but sometimes, it's better to be physically present!)

For Twitter newbies: please note that the "#" has to be preceded by a space bar or other separator, while there should be no space bar between NTTS and 2015 or anywhere else in the hashtag.