NTTS 2013 - satellite events 4 March and 8 March

Back-to-back events

The NTTS 2013 Scientific Committe is pleased to announce that three satellite events will be organised (by research projects having a high relevance to Official Statistics) on the day before the conference (Monday 4 March 2013) and on the day after the conference (Friday 8 March 2013). The topics are:


Please click on the event names in the table below for further details on each event.


Event Date Time Place(*) Contact
DwB workshop Monday 4 March 2013 12:30-17:30 JENK dwb-event-orga@dwbproject.org
BLUE-ETS final conference Friday 8 March 2013 09:00-15:30 JENK


COST/Shanti final meeting

Friday 8 March 2013 09:30-17:00 MANS ntts-shanti@ifsttar.fr

(*) All events take place on level 0 in the conference centre (Charlemagne) in which NTTS 2013 is organised.
JENK=Lord Roy Jenkins room; MANS=Sicco Mansholt room.

Coordination with the NTTS 2013 conference programme

Administratively, the events are organised separately from NTTS 2013. However, the conference programme includes a special DwB session on 5 March 2013, a special session on BLUE-ETS on 7 March 2013, and a special COST/Shanti session (related to the mobility seminar) on 7 March 2013.

Important note on access to the satellite events

Administratively, the events are organised separately from NTTS 2013. This means that

- registration takes place separately for each event

- WARNING: registration to NTTS 2013 does not give you the right to attend any of the satellite events
  (if you wish to attend a satellite event, you must register to that event by contacting the organiser by e-mail; see "registration" below)

- WARNING: registration to one or more satellite events does not give you the right to attend NTTS 2013
  (if you wish to register to NTTS 2013, you must register via the online interface; see "registration" below)


More information on the events

To read more about the three events, please the entries of the "Event" column in the table above, or the links below: