Net-SILC2 final book

The findings of the 2012 and 2014 conferences are important contributions to the development of the EU-SILC instrument and the EU social indicators. They also contribute to the wider appreciation of the uses that can be made of EU-SILC data in the context of the European Statistical System and the strengthening of the social dimension of the Europe 2020 agenda (in particular the Europe 2020 social inclusion target agreed upon by EU Heads of State and Government).

A Net-SILC2 book based on the contributions to the 2012 and 2014 conferences will be issued in 2015. It will have the same kind of format as the Net-SILC1 book on “Income and living conditions in Europe”: Atkinson, A.B. and Marlier, E. (eds.) (2010). “Income and living conditions in Europe”, Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (OPOCE), available at: