Project description

The MOSUS project integrated within a macroeconomic, multi-sectoral framework three major themes of European policies:

  • Sustainable development;
  • Competitiveness and social cohesion in the knowledge-based society, and;
  • Globalisation and international trade.

Based on an existing economic model, the project developed and applied an integrated ecological-economic simulation model in order to quantify the interrelations between socio-economic driving forces and the state of the environment. The analysis was done within a multi-country, multi-sectoral macroeconomic framework, including trade flows within Europe as well as between Europe and all other economically relevant parts of the world.

The model directly integrated comprehensive bio-physical data (material and energy flows as well as land use data) in European and global simulations up to the year 2020 and put them in relation to structural indicators of social and economic developments. Thus, this tool allows for formulating and evaluating scenarios of the economic and social/distributional impacts of key environmental policy measures and for presenting validated policy recommendations for responding to environmental changes.