MIAD - Methodologies for an Integrated Use of Administrative Data in the Statistical Process

Contributing NSIs: Istat  (Italy, Coordinator), Statistics Canada, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Statistics New Zealand, Statistics Sweden


The project was initiated under the umbrella of the Statistical Network (SN) http://www1.unece.org/stat/platform/display/msis/Statistical+Network, an international  group of seven NSI’s (Australian Bureau of Statistics (Statistics Canada, Statistics Sweden, Statistics Norway, Office of National Statistics, United Kingdom, Statistics New Zealand,  Statistics Italy ) working collaboratively together to increase the pool of expertise, and, where possible, reduce the cost of re-development via genuinely co-designed and co-developed projects.

The aim of the project was to develop coherent and well-founded strategies to allow fully exploiting the use of Administrative data (AD ) sources in the statistical process.

MIAD envisaged the need for developing a quality framework to assess the AD at the input phase of the statistical process (deliverables B1, B2 and B3) and a review on mapping how administrative data are in fact and can be used into a statistical production process.

In particular, the  mapping onto the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM ) was applied as foundation. The GSBPM has been re-analysed with the specific perspective of AD usage (deliverable A1). 

This explorative activity on the possible alternative usages was related with the possible actions to be performed on AD sources and to the overview of the most common scenarios of possible types of information frameworks the NSIs face to produce statistical information with AD (deliverable A2).