Metadata Work



The Esslait project continued updating the metadata repository established in the course of the Esslimit project. The core surveys remained the same: PS (Production Survey), EC (E-commerce survey) and CIS (Community Innovation Survey). The PS, CIS and EC time series were extended to include data for 2010.

There are mainly two groups of tasks in the metadata sub-workstream:

1) Changes in variables arising from changes in Eurostat questionnaires and

2) Inclusion of new variables to meet new analytical needs of Esslait.

Changes coming from Eurostat questionnaires

Both CIS and EC questionnaires for production year 2010 underwent some changes. They include both changes in existing variables and collection of completely new variables. One of the main activities in the metadata sub-workstream is to document the changes and suggest how to deal with them. An example is construction of the ICT –intensity indicator which is based on variables missing in EC 2010. Among possible ways there are interpolation and use of data from 2009-2011 overlaps.

New variables in analysis

The project considered use of new ICT indicators relevant for impact analysis, such as ICT investment/ expenditure, development of own software, speed of internet etc. However, after performing the data checks, it became evident that the inclusion of new variables for ICT usage is rather problematic. Thus, variables for the own account software (dummy, number of man-hours or monetary measure) and for ICT investment and expenditure (monetary measure) were surveyed by countries on a voluntary basis, and only several countries were able to provide them. For example, ICT investment and expenditure was collected by six project members, only two of them appear to have long time series, the rest four having figures from 2009. Hence, the final decision was to leave these variables aside.