Mandate and composition of the expert group

Mandate of the expert group on “Facilitating the use of new data sources for official statistics”

The group’s tasks shall be to provide advice and assistance to Eurostat by carrying out the following actions:
  1. a. review the implications for official statistics of the general policy developments with regard to access to privately held data;
  2. b. reflect openly on how these policy developments could be further extended or complemented through developments related to access to privately held data specifically for statistical purposes, also in the context of the new emerging roles of statistical offices in the new data-driven society and economy;
  3. c. examine issues related to specific data sources, issues of transversal character or statistical application domains;
  4. d. produce recommendations for policy initiatives specific to the statistical domain, including recommendations to be reflected in general statistical legislation, possibly as part of an overall effort to modernise the framework governing European statistics, and/or sector specific statistical legislation;
  5. e. produce operational guidance on how to apply or adapt the revised principles on Business-to-Government (B2G) data sharing when data are used for statistical purposes.

The group’s conclusions and recommendations to Eurostat shall be included in a report that may be used as input for possible future Commission initiatives enabling the use of privately held data for official statistics.

Composition of the expert group

Following an open selection process, the Commission appointed 20 experts to the new expert group on facilitiating the use of new data sources for official statistics. The group is composed of independent experts with high expertise in the field, covering a broad range of areas of interest and sectors.

Members of the expert group

  • Ms Silvina Bakardzhieva, Senior Legal Adviser at the Bulgarian Maritime Administration
  • Mr Luis Cardo Jalón, Partner at Open Ideas, Spain
  • Mr Florent Diverchy, Data Marketing Expert at Bisnode Belgium
  • Ms Wieteke Dupain, International Programmes, Knowledge and Research Manager at Euclid Network, Netherlands
  • Mr Paolo Garonna, Secretary General at the Italian Banking Insurance and Finance Federation, and University Professor, Italy
  • Mr Christoph Gerlinger, Senior director at Bayer AG, Germany
  • Mr David Gonzalez Martinez, Group Head of Big Data, Advanced Analytics and AI at Vodafone Business at Vodafone Group, Spain
  • Mr David Dreyer Lassen, Prorector, professor at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Mr Emmanuel Letouzé, Marie Curie Fellow, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain and Founder Data-Pop Alliance
  • Mr Mart Mägi, Director General of Statistics Estonia
  • Ms Geta Mitrea, Lecturer PhD at the National Defence University Carol I, Romania
  • Ms Felicia Pelagalli, Founder and CEO of Culture srl – Data, AI and Communication
  • Mr Dominik Rozkrut, President of the Polish Statistical Office
  • Mr Geert Somers, Attorney-at-law Partner at Timelex, Belgium
  • Ms Sandra Teixeira, Head of Strategy and Product Innovation at GLINTT, Portugal
  • Ms Kaisa Vent, Head of Methodology Team Positium OÜ
  • Mr Stefaan Verhulst, co-founder of and Chief of R&D at The GovLab, New York University
  • Mr Erik Wetter, Assistant Professor at the Stockholm School for Economics and co-founder and Chairman of the Flowminder Foundation
  • Ms Susanna Zaccarin, University Professor at the University of Trieste
  • Mr Dimitris Zissis, Associate Professor at the Greek University of the Aegean and Head of R&D at MarineTraffic, Greece